Whittlebury Hall Day Spa

This month seems to have got busier and busier by the day, so it was really nice to know that half way through the month I had a day at the Whittlebury Hall Day Spa booked with one of my fave horsey gals! I had definitely been looking forward to it for ages and the best part was that it was all paid for by my lovely mum as a late birthday treat for Hollie and myself!

Whittlebury Hall Day Spa
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I had never actually been to a spa before but Hollie had, so while I personally had no idea what to expect and massively over packed my bag because I decided to follow their ‘suggested packing’ list (which FYI you definitely do not need to follow word-for-word as a swimming costume, change of clothes and a pair of flipflops will be perfectly sufficient). So while I rammed my bag full of a range of different clothes and shoes, Hollie had far more of an idea on what to take and she turned up completely prepared and knowledgeable about what the day was likely to pan out like, with just the amount of stuff that she needed to take with her!

Incase my overpacking hadn’t quite given it away already, I really didn’t have a clue on what I should be expecting from the day, but Whittlebury Hall Spa definitely exceeded any expectations that I did have and I am certain that my day could not have gone any better than it did! Whittlebury Spa itself is set in such a lovely area, with some really beautiful views, the building itself is just gorgeous and the architecture definitely helps to give off the luxury feel that the spa is meant to provide you with! I did find the whole walking around in your bikini and robe all day (even at lunch) a bit bizarre, especially as it felt like we were walking through a very ‘upper-class’ area inside but it was also felt kind of nice and it definitely did feel strange putting ‘proper’ clothes on at the end of the day.

inside whittlebury hall spa

Hollie and I were booked in to use the Heat and Ice Experience throughout the day which included a range of different heated (and chilled) areas, such as the Ice Cave, Sauna, Heated Benches, hot and cold Experience Showers, Steam Rooms and the hydrotherapy pool as well as a few others too! Each area of the Heat and Ice section is designed to rejuvenate and refresh your body and if (like us) you aren’t too sure on the best way to use the spa, the staff have that all covered too as you are supplied with a suggested plan at the beginning of the day which allows you to really get the most out of your day! The package that my mum had paid for us to do was called the “Day Spa Relaxation Day for Two” so as well as the Heat and Ice we were also booked in to have lunch at 1pm which was a buffet full of tasty but healthy meal options so that you could continue refreshing your body in a healthy manner even while you ate! In between freezing, then scolding ourselves (which sounds really horrible but once you’ve done it a few times is strangely fun and weirdly relaxing!) and eating we made our way to the relaxation room, where we fully embraced the relaxed setting and had a good hour long nap so I would definitely recommend taking a visit to this part of the spa if you ever get the chance to go to Whittlebury! I have to admit that the Ice Cave was definitely my favourite part of the day and I can safely say that I preferred it to the Sauna, which I will certainly not be rushing back to even though I am certain that it played a key part in clearing out my cold!

It was quite honestly the most perfect day and my first experience of a spa was provided by very friendly staff, in a lovely location and I would be more than willing to recommend anyone to take their own day out and visit Whittlebury Spa! Soo I just need to say a HUGE thanks to my mum if she is reading this (which I’m sure she is, hi mum!!) because without her deciding to spoil Hollie and I, we never would have treated ourselves to what turned out to be a well needed chilled day out in between both of our hectic schedules!

Have you ever been to a spa before? I’d love to know what you thought of your own experience!

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  1. 8.23.15

    It sounds like a great spa day x


    • 8.31.15
      Shannon Clark said:

      It was so perfect, exactly what I needed! x