Tips for exploring your local area during lockdown

We all know that this year hasn’t exactly been one for adventuring to far flung locations. However, 2020 has definitely reminded me that you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world to find beauty or adventures. In fact, there’s plenty to be explored right on your doorstep.

Whether you live in the countryside or not, here are my tips for exploring your local area during the lockdown.

Because, if you’re anything like me, the idea of spending the next month cooped up inside will be driving you crazy already!

View through the trees on a local walk in a forest

A guide to exploring your local area during the lockdown:

Focus on your journey

Rather than focusing on the destination, take your time and enjoy the journey. I know that sounds rather philosophical but, trust me. You’ll find you relax a lot more and make the most of your time outside of the house if you’re not just racing to the end point. Slow down a bit, meander your way to your destination instead of racing to get there in the shortest amount of time.

Follow a feature

If you live in the countryside, follow a river or stream along. If you live in the city, follow the powerlines or a canal if you live nearby one. Keep the landmark on the same side of you as you explore and see where it takes you before you decide to cross over and head back.

Change your mode of transport

Do you normally walk? Run? Cycle? Whatever your usual 'mode of transport' is, change it. If you normally enjoy hiking, dust off your bike and head out for a cycle instead. If you normally go for a run, change the pace and go for a leisurely stroll. If you normally cycle, pull on your hiking boots and explore the same route on foot. You might be surprised by how different things look.

Check out Google maps

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to head next, open up Google maps. Have a look at the area that surrounds your home and see if you can spot any bits of nature – a river, a lake, a mountain, hilltop, anything. Then plan a route there and get exploring.

View over a river on an autumn walk

Ignore the ‘instagram hotspots’

Whether you live in an Instagram famous area or not, there will no doubt be those spots that are ‘Instagram worthy’. And if that’s the case, then the chances are that you’ve already been to those locations at some point. So, on your next walk, head somewhere completely different. Walk in the opposite direction and see where you end up. I can promise you that your local area will have so much more to offer if you're willing to head away from the popular areas.

Make a familiar walk, unfamiliar

If you’re used to heading out and walking in your local area already, shake things up a bit. Reverse your usual route. You’ll find you notice different things for the first time and it will take the monotony away.


So, there are a few tips to get you started if you're looking to explore more of your local area during lockdown 2.0.

What other tips do you have for exploring your local area?

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A guide to exploring your local area in lockdown
Top tips for exploring your local area

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  1. 12.13.20
    Ash said:

    Great tips mate. Cheers

    • 1.14.21 said:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you found them helpful.