The Wonders Of Winter

Now I know that technically Winter doesn’t officially begin until the 21st December but after a week of -9 nights I think it’s safe to say that we are fast waving goodbye to Autumn and it’s about time that we all started to accept the ever advancing approach of Winter… And way back in September I took a moment to appreciate the things that I love most about the arrival of Autumn, so now as we are edging our way ever closer into the depths of Winter I thought that I would slow down for a second and appreciate the things that I love most about this chilly season. Some people really love winter, others really hate it; for me, it takes a little bit of adjusting to. I’m not one who enjoys being cold and I become increasingly irritable as I get colder and colder, BUT winter equally brings so much more with it than a drop in temperature so it’s hard not to love it just as much as I love the season before it…

While my favourite thing about Autumn is the changing colours, the thing that I love most about winter has got to be the early morning frosts. For me, winter is all about lying in bed in the mornings, the fresh air beating against your face as your body remains cosy beneath your duvet before you make the quick dash to find your clothes and get changed for the day; it’s the hope that you remembered to put your clothes on the radiator the night before in prep for this morning chaos and the need for a hot drink before you set off out of the house. Winter is about that first gaze out from the window that means you’re greeted with the view of untouched frosts and then, occasionally, un-ruined snowfall. Winter is about finally taking a deep breath before stepping out into the cold where you find the air snapping away at your face but equally find yourself feeling content beneath several layers of clothing. Winter is all about layers.


Equally, it’s the joy of getting to watch both the sunrise and sunset without having to wait around at an ungodly hour. It’s getting to have movie night after movie night without feeling guilty because the nights draw in so early that there is little else to do in the evenings. It’s wearing two pairs of socks, having a blanket always at hand, along with an emergency supply of handcream. It’s hot porridge in the morning and cuddles in the evening. It’s the excitement that everyone feels as Christmas edges ever closer. It’s the bustle of the shops as everyone tries to purchase gifts for their loved ones, it’s the anticipation of the release of the much loved Christmas adverts and the overarching excitement of spotting the Coca-Cola lorry pull up into your town. It’s watching the world morph from one that gets dark at 6,5,4pm turn into one that is illuminated with fairy lights and candles as the ‘big day’ draws closer. It’s curling up next to the fire at my nan’s house, with the dog at my feet. It’s homemade mince pies, taking trips to Christmas markets, scolding your hands on styrofoam cups of mulled wine. It’s the excitement of still having an advent calendar even when you’re technically classified as an adult. It’s the feeling of magic that seems to circulate through the air and into the very bones of your body, it’s a thrill that was instilled in you as a child and one that still encapsulates most adults as winter becomes known to bring with it the festive season.

It’s all of this and more.

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