The final show

Last weekend I took Rocky to our last show together. It has taken a while to get the photos uploaded onto the computer, the whole ‘last things’ with Rocky has also got me a bit emotional lately so it has taken me a while to build up the courage to post this at all and with the whole move to uni looming ever closer life has generally been a bit hectic, hence why this post is about a week later than I was hoping it would be.

The start of the day couldn’t have gone more wrong; I arrived at the show to find that my white jodhpurs had a large stain across them and had to spend the morning trying to scrounge around my friends to find someone who had some that I could borrow, I then realised that I had forgotten my jumping whip and my show tie so I had to get my mum to bring them up with her and then as if that wasn’t enough, my boots broke so I had to duct tape them to my leg… Yes, I spent the day with my boots taped to my leg. However after that my day improved dramatically, because lets be honest it couldn’t have got much worse!

I entered Rocky into a higher jumper class than I normally do, mainly because I figured as it was our last show it wouldn’t do any harm to give it a go (and also because Sarah and Hollie spent the day before pestering me and trying to convince me to do it) and in the end I’m glad that I did do it! We had a couple of stops at some of the bigger spreads but Rocky jumped them beautifully the second time that I asked him, we didn’t knock anything down and we did eventually make it around the course, so of course we didn’t get placed but I couldn’t have been prouder of my little, lazy pony. We ended up finishing the day with a 3rd place in our other jumping class and we came home with a 2nd place in the Handy Pony class so all-in-all I couldn’t have asked him to have gone any better.

I’ve had the best year with Rocky, I feel like in the last few months in particular we have really clicked and personally I feel as though I’ve noticed a massive difference in my riding thanks to him. I had the best last show that I could have ever had wished for, I had a brilliant time with all of the girls from the yard who had come along (some with and some without ponies), both of my parents came along to support me and Rocky too and in general it was worth every penny that I spent last Sunday. And of course, if I could do it all over again I would.


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