The 8 best reasons for owning a horse

Owning a horse is a full time commitment, so it’s not something you want to go into lightly. But horse ownership also comes with a long list of benefits.

From helping to keep you mentally and physically fit, to teaching you to live in the moment, here are the 8 best things about owning a horse:

Dun pony looks over a gate at sunrise

Owning a horse is great for your mental health

No matter what you're going through in life, your horse will be there for you. Both in and out of the saddle, horses can be amazingly therapeutic to be around. The fresh air, break from technology, social aspect, and calming influence of being around the horses can all help to strengthen your mental health.

Having a horse keeps you physically healthy

Anyone who argues that horse riding is not a sport, has never properly ridden a horse. Horse riding will help you to strengthen your core muscles, improve your balance and flexibility, all at the same time as toning your arm and leg muscles. And the best part about owning a horse is that you’ll also keep fit whilst during your jobs around the yard. Lifting water buckets is your own personal version of a weight session, while walking to and from the field gets your cardio ticked off.

Owning a horse forces you to get outside every day

No matter what the weather is doing, or how you are feeling, when you own a horse you have no choice but to go outside each day. Quite often you will get out twice a day. Owning a horse is therefore a great way to get outdoors more, all year round.

It will help you become more resilient

Horses are incredible animals and they can bring an immense amount of joy into your life. But they will also test you at times. There will be good days, and bad days, but throughout them all, you have to keep powering through. Having a horse of your own will also teach you to get back up when you've fallen down (literally in some cases!). When you own a horse, you have no choice but to get back into the saddle when you've fallen off but each time you do, you will be stronger and more determined. Each fall will also teach you to enjoy your successes that bit more.

View of the sunset through a horses ears

You’ll end up with a hugely supportive friendship group

Most horse owners keep their horses at a yard. So you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by an amazing group of people. The horses will be the shared interest that bring you together, but you'll often find you have a lot more in common that you first thought.

If you find the right yard, you will also find that they run fun days, events and competitions to keep you busy, and to give you an added opportunity to socialise throughout the year!

Having your own horse will teach you responsibility and dedication

Horses require a huge amount of time and effort. And it doesn't matter what the weather is doing, or if you're not feeling up to it one day, you still have to turn up to care for your horse. Owning a horse will also teach you dedication like no other hobby will, both in and out of the saddle.

Owning a horse will teach you to live in the moment

There is so much that we can learn from our horses, but perhaps the most important lesson is to focus on what is happening right now. Horses live in the moment. They do not worry about what might happen next, or what has happened in the past. They focus solely on what is happening right around them. It’s an incredible attribute that you can pick up from your horse.

Girl hugs her horse around the neck from the saddle

There’s no stronger bond than the one between horse and owner

There’s no doubt about it. There is no stronger bond than the one between horse and owner. Each time you get into the saddle, you put your trust in an animal with a mind of its own, and at the same time that horse trusts you to keep them safe. At times you may misalign, but on the whole, once you have gained that level of trust, there is no other feeling like it. It’s the best feeling in the world.

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The 8 best reasons for owning a horse
The 8 biggest benefits of owning a horse

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