Summer with Beano

On April 13th 2015 I bought Beano. He is the first pony I have ever fully owned myself and he is the (and I’m pretty sure always will be) the best purchase I have ever made. This summer with Beano has been incredible and this is going to be quite a photo heavy post but I make no apologies as my pony is gorgeous (I know, I know, I am biased) and the past five months are ones that I would like to remember forever, so here goes…

Beano and Ermie

canter for a cure jumping beano summer 2015

kisses at canter for a cure summer 2015

XC with Beano

The trio in the sea

Jumping Beano at home

Showjumping Beano

Beano first place

Buying Beano was definitely not an impulsive decision; it took several months of budgeting, teamed with endless phonecalls with people at home and in between that HOURS were spent researching into the costs before I finally decided that I could afford to begin my pony search. Just a few weeks later I stumbled across Beano and fell in love. I’ve always said that your gut instinct can tell you far more than any rationally thought through decision and I knew straight away that no matter what happened, Beano would be coming home with me. So many people told me that buying him was a bad move but I ignored them all, paid more for him than I had budgeted to spend on any pony and about five months later I’m still ecstatically happy that I was stubborn enough to fight for him.

Beano is quite honestly living proof to me that if you work hard enough, things will eventually fall into place. Every time that I look at him I just beam with pride – he honestly brightens my day whenever I see him and that feeling is priceless. It won’t be long before I have to give him a big hug and say goodbye for a few weeks when I head back to uni but I just keep reminding myself that I will be leaving him in the capable hands of his sharer and that it won’t be that long until I am able to pop back to pay him a little visit one weekend. For now though I don’t want to think of that day so I will just leave you with these photos while I think back to the wonderful memories that I have made this summer with my fantastic pony!

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  1. 9.14.15

    I have to agree, Beano is beautiful! It must be awesome to have your own pony. That has been my dream since I’ve been a little girl! And I totally agree that you have to go with your guts and if it feels right it is right! Hope you will have many more wonderful summers with Beano!

    • 9.14.15
      Shannon Clark said:

      Aww thank you so much! It is such an incredible feeling knowing that he is all mine! Thank you, I hope we have many more summers too! :) xx

  2. 9.22.15
    Mimmi said:

    He’s beautiful! Having your own pony must be so much work, but I’m sure it’s all worth it. I hope you’ll get to share many more summers with your lovely pony :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    • 9.23.15
      Shannon Clark said:

      Thank you! :) It is a lot of hard work, involving long hours working to pay for him and having to give up on the idea of ever getting to lie in haha but it is worth all the early mornings and late nights :) xx