Sights of Spring


Ah Winter, you’ve been long and albeit not too cold but wet and windy all the same. While you may have your good parts and while I am going to miss the evenings spent huddled by the fire, the days spent warming my hands on a hot cup of tea and the layers upon layers that make up my daily outfits, I am very ready for Spring to arrive now. And just as I love the transition from Summer to Autumn, I love the transition from Winter to Spring but these are the things that I love most about the upcoming season…

Spring brings with it a slow but certain transformation; it gives the dead world a second chance and transforms the barren world into one that is bright and fresh again. Spring puts a smile on my face as each day it feels like there is a countrywide game of eye spy taking place on social media as everyone shares their first sightings of the buds appearing on trees, the snowdrops and daffodils on the side of the road in the city and the lambs, calves and baby birds in the countryside. This season is about saying goodbye to the crisp cold mornings as they are replaced with mild starts and days that are both longer and brighter. Spring brings with it better weather and an excitement as everyone realises that we can begin to spend more time outside without the fear of our limbs freezing off.

Spring, for me, means going for long walks in the evenings and being able to spend my afternoons lazing about in the garden as the sun shines down on my back. It is about cutting back on my tea intake (although not entirely, I’m still British after all) as I swap the hot beverage for something cooler and more refreshing. Spring is about throwing back the curtains and opening the windows so that the gentle breeze can flow through the house, a breeze that is accompanied with the smell of newly bloomed flowers and freshly cut grass. It’s about being able to have the back door open so that the cats can come and go as they please. It’s the emergence of brightly coloured clothes, it’s putting away my winter coat and it’s being able to get away with ditching the tights if I’m feeling brave. It’s the spring that the fresh weather puts in both mine and my pony’s step.

It’s about doing all of this and more but more than anything at all, it’s about the fact that Spring brings with it the chance to start over alongside the natural world and it’s the promise that Spring makes with us that says, no matter what everything will be ok because Summer is just around the corner.

What do you love most about Spring?

The Things I Love Most About Spring

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