Raindrops on my Window

raindrops on my window

I’m currently curled up in the corner of my bedroom by my windowsill in Reading. I had my first exam this morning and it’s already a thing of the past. There are so many things that I should be doing right now, namely revising for my next exam which is only a week away but instead I’m gazing out of the window onto the garden. I can’t help but be distracted by the constant patter of the rain against my window, it is somehow soothing and it is enhancing my daydreams. Rainy days like this are made for creating future plans. Far from being mopey when the torrents of rain just don’t stop coming, I can’t help but relish in the knowledge that I don’t actually have to leave the house again today. Instead of contemplating whether I should take an umbrella or a coat, I’m contently watching the world go by, with a tea in my hand and a whole flurry of thoughts are making their way through my mind. From plans for my blog, to the exams that I am still yet to sit, to my summer holiday plans that in just one day have grown from one weekend away, to three, I’m mulling over everything that I shouldn’t be but I just can’t help it. Days like these are made for daydreaming.

My mind is awash with these thoughts and despite the fact that I had an exam this morning, I can’t help but smile at how blessed I am to lead the life I do. I can hear the muffled sounds of keys on a laptop being pressed, a trashy tv show and the singing voice of my flatmates in their rooms and I am left feeling happy that I managed to stumble across a group of friends that are just as content to have time alone as they are to spend time together. The afternoon was passed in fits of laughter and it is in moments like that, when my sides start to ache from laughing and I have tears running down my face, that I don’t care about the small things I sometimes call hardships, because on the whole it is pretty perfect. Tomorrow I am going to wave goodbye to my housemates again, a goodbye that seems to have come around all too fast (as it always does), before I head back home to the welcoming hug of my mum, the neigh of my pony and a weekend of working before I return once more to Reading for another exam in the middle of next week.

While I may moan at the fact that my life is currently a balancing act between needing to revise, needing to work and wanting to socialise, it is in moments like these when I am reminded that overall that isn’t really a bad situation to be in. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of university, but on the whole I’m pretty lucky to be here and without it I wouldn’t have the solid group of friends that I am now lucky enough to be living with and going on holiday with. Building my career would also be so much harder without the backing of a degree and of course, everything does happen for a reason so I like to maintain that those moments that make me want to cry (like deadline week) are all building me up for something much bigger and better than a chaotic, stressful student life.

Isn’t it funny how a few raindrops on my window could instill so much reflection into my mind?

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