The positive things to come of lockdown

Lockdown has taken its toll on most of us, but there have been some good things to come out of the past hundred plus days too. I've already spoken about the things I'm looking forward to most of all when lockdown eventually comes to an end but I thought I would round them up the positive things to come out of this time here too...

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More time spent outside. Normally I'm cooped up inside an office for a majority of the week so perhaps the biggest perk of being forced to work from home has been the fact that I've definitely upped my levels of Vitamin D this year. Instead of sitting at my desk inside, I've fully embraced the garden desk lifestyle and I've been enjoying the fantastic weather whilst tapping away on my laptop. When I've not been working, I've also spent a majority of my free time outside too - going on long rides on Beano, enjoying bike rides and walks through the countryside and reading in my garden, so it's safe to say I've been grateful for the amazing weather we've had!

More time spent talking to family and friends. Normally my life races past in a blur of working/caring for Beano and trying to cram in a bit of a social life (plus some downtime). Having no time restraints during lockdown has meant that I've been able to prioritise, and spend more time, talking to family and friends which has been oh so lovely.

More time (are you starting to see a trend here? Something is telling me that my life outside of lockdown is a tad too busy) spent riding Beano. Before lockdown my rides were often short, squeezed in after work and around trying to see friends/get life chores done. Lockdown has meant that besides work, I've had little else to do and that has meant that Beano and I have been enjoying exploring the countryside more than we ever have before.

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Saving money. This is a biggie. Suddenly being forced to stay at home and only heading to the shops once a week for a food shop has done wonders for my bank balance. And, as I'm currently saving for my own home, the lockdown has given me that extra push I needed to get a bit more locked down into my savings. It has also shown me where I can be saving more when life does go back to normal (whatever that is going to look like).

Reading more. For the first time in years, I've actually started to make a bit of a dent in piles of unread books. Although I have. admittedly, also splashed out on a few new reads (most recently, American Dirt, Where the Crawdads Sing and the Beekeper of Aleppo - reviews coming soon!). On the whole though, I'm just really glad that I've fallen back in love with reading again.

Waking up without an alarm. Luckily I'm an early riser anyway but it has been wonderful to have four months of waking up naturally. Unsurprisingly, it has done wonders for my energy levels too!

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Having time to bond with Tink. Earlier on this year I sadly had to have my house rabbit, Pip, put to sleep. I still miss him every single day without fail but as it was looking more and more likely that lockdown was going to be happening, my mum pushed me into bringing home another rabbit sooner than I might have done otherwise. And boy, am I glad that I did. Tink is, of course, in no way a replacement for Pip but he has provided me with some much needed company during lockdown and being at home so much has given us both an amazing amount of time to bond.

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The positive things to come out of the UK lockdown
The things I have enjoyed most during the UK lockdown

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