My journey to enjoying mornings: Four tips for creating a calm morning routine

I never used to be someone who championed a relaxing morning routine. I have, admittedly, always been an early riser but my mornings used to start with me rushing out of bed and the rest of the day often followed in a similar, chaotic fashion. However, I’ve recently found myself relishing in a calm morning routine more and more.

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A moment of calm in the morning...

Standing in my dressing gown, I watch the steam rise from the cup of tea that I am clutching between my hands before looking up to gaze out of the window. Outside lights begin to flick on in houses across town as everyone else begins to slowly rise too. Back inside, the light of a candle flickers above the fireplace and the sound of Tink, my house rabbit, munching away on his breakfast is the only thing filling the silence. It only lasts for five minutes as I sip away on my cup of tea, but those five minutes make the world of difference to the rest of my day.

Although I still, like many others, struggle to initially pull myself from the comfort of my bed as my alarm goes off, I’m starting to realise that I never regret allowing myself a few moments of calm before I begin the day. There’s something magical about standing with a cup of tea before the sun has risen, something wonderful about stealing a few minutes to just calmly let your thoughts flow through your mind before the buzz of your busy life begins again. There’s a kind of quiet and calm in those moments that you cannot replicate at any other time of the day. Perhaps it is the stark contrast that they offer to the rest of the hectic lives we now live that makes them so appealing but either way I now try to set aside a few minutes for them each morning.

But I wasn’t always capable of getting myself up with enough time to do anything other than the necessary tasks that are required to get my day started. Once upon a time my mornings were more filled with snoozed alarms, followed by leaping out of the bed in a panic as I realised I had snoozed one time too many, with gulping down my cereal and just about managing to quickly pull a brush through my hair if I was lucky. Now allowing myself time and space to wake up properly before diving headfirst into my day has become somewhat of a calming morning routine for me, one that gives me a sense of clarity that I used to lack.

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Four tips to help you create a calm morning routine:

So, I’ve put together a few tips that should help you to establish a relaxing morning routine too. I should pre-warn you that none of these are particularly ground breaking actions however these small changes have made a big difference in the way I start my day, so hopefully they will do the same for you...

Stop snoozing

I used to be a serial snoozer. After sleepily turning that initial alarm off I would then proceed to do the same thing every ten minutes for around an hour. Unsurprisingly, after an hour of light and disturbed sleep, I would fall out of bed in a panic as I realised I had very little time to actually get myself ready.

Since banning myself from snoozing my alarm in the mornings, I’ve found myself feeling far more awake throughout the rest of the day despite getting up earlier than I was previously.

Wake up with the light

I, like many others, struggle to wake up in the winter far more than I do in the summer. Getting up while it is still dark outside is something that I won’t ever be happy to do, unless it is because I’m going on holiday. Which is why I invested in a light up alarm clock. Opening my eyes to a room that is already lit up in a warm glow makes a surprisingly big difference to both my mood and my desire to get up.

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Ignore your phone

On the odd days when I wouldn’t reach for the snooze button, I used to open my eyes and lean straight over to my bedside cabinet to grab my phone. I would then lose half an hour scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook before getting out of bed with my mind already spinning.

Now, the first thing I do when I get up is switch the kettle on and reach for my book. Since setting myself a challenge to read more, I’ve begun to use the time that I would have once wasted on my phone, devouring a few more pages of my most recent book instead. And I tell you what, there’s something quite indulgent in reading before you begin your day.

Prepare the night before

I used to slam my hand down onto my alarm, silencing its shrill noise before leaping out of bed and then spending the next twenty minutes pulling all of my clothes out of my wardrobe in a desperate bid to find something to wear that day. This panic was then quickly followed by a mad dash to throw a bunch of food items from my cupboards into a bag to form some kind of lunch for that day.

They’re both small tasks but preparing my lunch and having my outfit already chosen the night before has meant that I cut out the rushing in the mornings.

So, there you go, they are my four tips for creating a relaxing morning routine. After all, a positive start to the day is far more likely to lead to a positive day, so it’s worth a go – right?

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My journey to enjoying a calm morning routine
Four tips for creating a calm morning routine

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