My 2021 in review

When I started writing up this round up, I felt a little deflated at how little I felt I had achieved. And then I reminded myself that what with the pandemic and a few other challenges along the way, I've actually achieveda lot. From launching a business, to keeping two rabbits and a horse alive, managing to keep a 9-5 job, and in between it all still having fun too.

So, I wanted to jot down the bits and pieces of my life, some more notable than others, but all of which came together to make my 2021 the year it was.

Here's a short summary of what my 2021 looked like...

A black mini rex house rabbit climbs onto the owner's lap

January 2021

I was so ready for a fresh start in 2021, as we all know that 2020 wasn't exactly the year we had hoped for, yet we were plunged straight back into a lockdown. Luckily just two days earlier I had brought Bambi, my second house rabbit, home so I spent the month bonding with her. 

February 2021

February passed without much to really shout about. With it not possible to spend time with friends, I instead spent the month with the animals and my mum, who was part of my support bubble due to me living alone.

March 2021

The world got a little brighter as we were allowed to meet friends outside again so March consisted of a lot of countryside walks.

The month ended with me moving Beano to a new yard, something that probably seems quite uneventful for many but what was a huge deal to me, having been at our previous yard since I was 12.

April 2021

My free time in April was largely spent settling Beano in at his new yard and enjoying exploring the new bridleways around us.

My workplace was also back open, so I spent a lot of time back in the office.

Dun pony looks over a monarch stable door
Dun pony pokes head out of a horse lorry
Three riders stand in front of a river wearing Kaia Equine's Tidal Collection Recycled Clothing

May 2021

May was a whirlwind of excitement and fear as I picked up the finished Kaia Equine clothing from the London factory. After nearly a year of working on it, it was amazing to see the whole collection ready to go.

I quickly turned my spareroom into a store room and launched the brand at the end of the month.

June 2021

June came and went in a blur of socialising, as restrictions were eased a little further again. I celebrated my 27th birthday with friends and family. I enjoyed my first ever trip to Chester during a relaxing long weekend staycation with a friend and enjoyed some downtime.

July 2021

In July I received the first samples for Kaia Equine's second clothing line.

And I enjoyed some desperately needed time off during a week away in Cornwall with family. We timed our holiday perfect with the easing of more restrictions and the heatwave, so most of the week was spent soaking up the sun on the beach and swimming in the sea. Pure bliss. 

August 2021

August brought with it even more socialising as I tried to fit in as much as possible before any more lockdowns were brought back. I explored a local lavender field, enjoyed dinners out with friends, got my first tattoo and had many games nights. 

Hitchin Lavender Field Hertfordshire

September 2021

I don't have a lot to shout about in September as I spent a majotity of the month quietly working away in the background on Kaia Equine. 

October 2021

My highlight for October was without a doubt my weekend trip to the Cotswolds. I went away with my old school friends and we spent the weekend walking through the countryside, having long overdue catch ups and eating plenty of food.

November 2021

November passed in much the same way as the previous months, enjoying time with friends. From a fireworks night, to watching an ice hockey game, giving ice skating a go, and plenty more games nights, as well as a trip back to Reading to see some uni friends.

December 2021

Covid started to hit the news again as the new variant arrived and with it my mental health began to plummet. As a result I spent most of December hiding away trying not to catch covid before Christmas. The rest of the month was largely spent with family and putting in small steps to get myself back on track ahead of the new year.

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  1. 1.5.22
    Lony said:

    Good morning from Germany, dear Shannon!
    I wish you a happy new year and good health! I live here right on the German-Dutch border and am also a country life blogger. I love the country life, cottage style interiors and country style fashion. I recently discovered your beautiful blog and immediately put it on my favorite blog list. I wish you a nice Wednesday and hope the new year will be better! We’re all looking forward to spring, aren’t we?
    Love from Lony

    • 1.6.22 said:

      Hi Lony. Thank you for your lovely comment! Happy New Year, fingers crossed this is a brighter one for us all! I for one am definitely counting down the days until Spring. I would love to explore Germany one day :)