Introducing Kaia Equine: A Sustainable Equestrian Clothing Company

We all know that 2020 has been a weird year for us all. I’ve yo yoed between being furloughed, working from home, and working in the office for the majority of the year. 

However, 2020 has also brought some positives with it; this year I’ve been forced to slow down, I’ve been pushed to evaluate what is really important in my life, and, perhaps most notably, I’ve started up a sustainable equestrian clothing business.

This business has been a passion project of mine for the past few months as I’ve worked tirelessly on it; in the mornings before work, on my days off, and in the evenings.

So, I thought it was about time I introduced you all to my business… Kaia Equine.

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What is Kaia Equine?

Kaia Equine is a sustainable equestrian clothing company. Launching in early 2021 with a collection of base layer tops and riding leggings, all of our clothing is being made from regenerated ocean plastics

Where did the idea for Kaia Equine come from?

The idea for Kaia Equine first sprung up into my mind in the early part of the lockdown while I was searching online for sustainable riding clothing for myself (with no luck), and I spent the next few months mulling it over.

In the middle of the year I was lucky enough to get away for a staycation to Cornwall and it was there that the idea really started to root itself in my mind. Swimming in the sea, I was appalled by how much plastic there was floating around me. 

Returning home, I began, rather naively, to research the fabrics, factories and more. And before I knew it, I was already up to my neck in it, so it was too late to turn back!

Horse galloping along Holkham Beach

The details...

So, in 2021, I will be launching my sustainable clothing company. All of the clothes have been designed for horse riders, by horse riders. And they are being created with the planet in mind at every single stage of development.

Which is why our fabric isn’t the only sustainable part of our business…

  • All of our zips are being made from recycled plastic bottles
  • All of our packaging is made from recycled products and can be recycled again
  • All of our care and brand clothing labels have been made using recycled products

And finally, as we want to give back as much as we can, following our launch, each month we will be donating to two charities - there will be more on this closer to the date!

It’s an equally exciting and slightly terrifying time for me, but I am so passionate about giving horse riders like me the opportunity to wear clothing that is practical, stylish, sustainable, AND affordable


Where to find Kaia Equine

If you would like to follow along, you can find Kaia Equine on Facebook and Instagram already. Our website and mailing list is coming soon!

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Introducing Kaia Equine
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  1. 1.29.21

    I love the positive vibes she sends. Such an amazing, hardworking woman and an inspiration at that!

    • 3.1.21 said:

      Thank you so much, that is so lovely of you to say!