Hunter Original Tall Wellies Review

Come rain or shine, Summer or Winter, you’ll more often than not find me in a pair of wellies. From trudging through muddy fields to mucking out stables, there are no other shoes I’d rather be wearing when I’m dealing with my pony, Beano.

So it should come as no surprise that I’m a bit picky with which wellington boots I go for. Once upon a time I’d pick up any old pair of cheap wellies from the local supermarket, sold by their pretty patterns, only to find that just a few weeks, or if I was lucky months, later they would be destroyed. The mud and muck proving too much for a pair of womens wellies that were realistically only designed to be worn by the occasional walker, rather than a horse owner.

Girl leading horse in hand wearing hunter wellies

Discovering my first pair off Hunter Wellies:

Then, as if by fate, I stumbled across a pair of second-hand Hunters wellies at a car boot and I instantly snapped them up. They were what you could describe as a traditional pair of wellies. The staple dark green colouring, they were nothing to look at and they definitely weren’t a pair of wellies you would want to wear as a fashion statement but miraculously they lasted me years, despite already being well worn when I bought them.

Still, my desire for a pair of wellies that were both practical and pretty was unresolved and so, as that pair began to look a bit tired, I started my search again. And you can imagine my delight when I discovered that Hunters had seriously upped their game since I had found that first pair and their website now featured an explosion of colourful wellington boots.

Since then, I’ve been a complete Hunter wellies convert and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Horse and owner walking away in hand
Girl wearing wellies with a dun coloured pony

My review of Hunter Original Tall Wellies:

Comfortable and wide enough to still give you the space to put on a couple of pairs of socks during the winter without feeling too loose during the summer, they ticked the ‘suitable for year round wear’ box.

While I wouldn’t say they are perhaps quite as well made as they once were (but really what is these days?), my wellies still last just over a year and sometimes they even edge up to the two year mark before I start to see the cracks forming. Which, when you consider they are worn every day of the year, in all conditions, for lengthy periods of time, that’s not a bad run at all. Even more so if you get them in the sales for £60, which takes their monthly cost down to well below £5 even if they do only reach the one-year mark. So they also ticked the ‘worth the money’ box.

There are also other ranges, such as the Balmoral, which have been designed with the working woman or man in mind and are thicker, making them more durable and sturdy.

However, if like me, you’re most interested in the originals then it should please you to know that they are well fitted to your leg and are flexible, so they feel lightweight and do not hinder you in moving around while wearing them.

Horse rider wearing Hunter wellies with a dun pony stood next to her in hand

And the colours. Oh the colours. Now each time it comes for me to buy another pair, I return to Hunters as a completely converted, loyal customer. Sold not just by their comfort, nor by the length of time they last me, but by the rainbow of choice I have, they really do tick both the pretty and practical boxes. And since my discovery I have been a proud owner of my first traditional green wellies, as well as a dark slate pair, a dark blue pair, a light blue pair and, most recently, a dark teal pair.

Since my initial Hunters discovery, I’ve worn my original Hunters wellington boots out in the countryside, on walks in the local woods, I’ve taken them on UK Travel trips, they’ve been worn to firework displays, to multiple festivals (because yes, these are the kind of wellies you would want to wear as a fashion statement) and of course, on my daily trip to the stables. It’s an understatement to say that they are a key part in my wardrobe.


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Hunter original wellies review
Review of Hunter Boots Women's Original Tall Wellies


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  1. 2.17.22
    Emz1999 said:

    Hey there, love your hunter boots and especially the colour of them as well, would like to ask you a couple of questions from you’re point of view, what do you wear more, Wellies or Riding Boots? And the other question is: As I also work on a farm myself due to my family background, I’ve had trouble in the past trying to take my wellies off as I practically wear them almost every day with 2 pairs if socks, my question is, have you ever had trouble or had an embarrassing moment with wellies? As a farm girl myself I’ve had these troubles and would like to ask you if you’ve ever had any previous experiences, not trying to be weird of creepy I’m just asking a couple of simple questions from 1 farm girl to another.

    • 2.18.22 said:

      Hi Emily! Thanks so much, I love the variety of colours they have! I would say I wear wellies more, I generally only wear my riding boots to go riding and then wear my wellies the rest of the time I’m at the yard. I have definitely had a few problems trying to get my wellies off so I normally just sit on the edge of the boot of my car to take them off now rather than hopping about! I don’t like driving in wellies so I take them off before I leave the yard and swap to my trainers, I think it’s uncomfortable trying to drive in them and I’ve also found in the past that it can cause them to crack around the ankle. Hope that helps a bit.

      • 2.26.22
        Emz1999 said:

        Hello Again Shannon, I fully agree with you’re response, wellies are part of both our daily attires and whether we have troubles or not, they are just so comfortable and I’d never go 1 day without them, and believe it or not I’ve heard of the cracking issue as well! The saying goes about hunter wellies, you either love them or hate them, but aside that I hope you’re winter has been good as let’s both look forward to the spring and summer, bring it on!