Finding joy in the small moments

If 2020 (and 2021, lets be honest) taught me anything, it's that happiness comes largely from the small pockets of joy that can be found in everyday life, rather than in the bigger events. Of course those big moments bring their own version of joy with them, but they come far and few between, so it's those little moments that keep your happiness levels up in between.

For the past three years I've recorded a one second video from every single day, and watching it back at the end of the year makes me smile beyond measure because it reminds me of all of the little moments spent with friends, family and my pets that I would have otherwise forgotten.

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Savouring the small moments in my daily life:

  • The sound of Beano neighing at me when I get to the yard
  • A glass of wine with dinner
  • The pride I feel in keeping my plants alive
  • The rabbits bounding over to say hello to me in the mornings
  • Warm pyjamas straight off the radiator after a hot shower
  • The satisfaction of a tidy house
  • Starting a new board game
  • Putting down my phone and reading for an afternoon
  • The feeling you get when you climb into bed after changing your sheets
  • Eating a healthy, home cooked meal after a week of eating Chrsitmas leftovers
  • Going for a walk in the countryside
  • The first cup of tea of the day
  • The sight of the sun after days of rain
  • An hour spent without my phone, grooming Beano in the afternoon
  • Having a catch up with my parents
  • Going for dinner with friends
  • Curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate as I watch a movie


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How I find joy in the small moments of daily life
Finding joy in the small moments of daily life

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