A day trip to Goring On Thames

If my housemates and I hadn’t stumbled upon Goring On Thames during our drive home from The Living Rainforest, the chances of us ever deciding to visit the quaint little town would be undoubtedly slim. The name itself is quite repulsive and while I know you shouldn’t judge a place based on it’s name, it is somewhat off putting. BUT, that being said, I am SO glad that we did accidentally drive through the little town as it stole our hearts from the second we entered it and there was no chance that we wouldn’t be back.

Goring day trip

Rewind a few months and my housemates and I were all in dire need of a day trip and as Goring was top of our list we packed my car up with food, backpacks and placed our sunglasses firmly on our heads and set out for the twenty minute drive out of Reading to Goring.

As always on our road trips, we got a little bit lost but after a bit of navigating and a lot of ignoring the satnav (and L as she has an awful sense of direction) we made it to a little carpark and unloaded. Unfortunately, stepping out of the car we discovered that it was not as warm as we had been hoping but not ones to be dismayed, we kept our sunglasses on and headed off to the river with full intentions of having the picnic that we had planned.

The picnic was disturbed continually by some over curious ducks and geese but the view was beautiful and it did eventually brighten up enough to warrant the need for the sunglasses. Still looking like tourists, with our rucksacks on and our cameras in our hands, but now with our stomachs full we set off to explore.

Exploring Goring

Goring Travel Trip

Goring is one of those funny places that is tiny and feels like it has been left behind by the rest of the world but it is easy to lose several hours just walking along the towpath by the river Thames. The houses that sit along the waterfront are enough to make anyone jealous and the little paths that veer off from the main one make for perfect little adventures. We discovered trees that were perfect for a mini photoshoot on, houses that made us want to win the lottery right that second and abandoned sheds that made our imaginations run wild as we tried to work out what it had once been and why it was no longer loved by anyone.

During our walk we saw barely anyone else and that made it even more perfect. It felt like we had fallen into another world, one where nature still ruled over mankind and it was so tranquil that it definitely provided us with the best possible escape from the doom and gloom that revision season that had largely engulfed our lives at the time.

Goring on Thames

Our time spent in Goring seemed to whizz by and while we didn’t exactly ‘do’ much while we were there, the picnic and the walk were enough and I’m already keen to return when the weather is a bit better!

Have you ever been to Goring on Thames before?
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