7 boredom busting products for your stabled horse

Sometimes, no matter how much we would like to avoid it, we have to stable our horses. Luckily these days there are lots of ways that we can reduce stable boredom for our horses though.

If you're not sure where to start, I've put together a list of the top 7 products I use to help keep my horse entertained in his stable.

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7 boredom busting products for stabled horses:

Uncle Jimmy's Hangin Balls Horse Treat

Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls

Not the cheapest treat on the market by any means but the Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls are great for keeping horses occupied in the stable. Designed to be hung up, they are described as the ultimate boredom buster for horses. And I can safely say that Beano loves it when I give him one of these treats.

Available in a range of flavours including apple, peppermint, and carrot, there is bound to be one that your horse enjoys.

Available from £24.22 with FREE Delivery

Parallax Hay Ball Toy

Parallax Hay Ball

I've made it no secret how impressed I am with the Parallax Hay Ball. Perfect for encouraging Beano to move around his stable more, as well as allowing him to eat from the floor as he would naturally, the hay ball has also been amazing at slowing down his eating.

They seem pricey but they're well made - I've had mine for a good length of time now and once I clean it up, it looks good as new. Not bad considering it gets used every day!

You can read my full review on the Parallax Hay Ball here.

Available for £59.99 with FREE Delivery

Horse treat ball

Nats Horse Treat Ball

Perhaps the simplest of the many stable toys available on the market, the horse treat ball is a great option if you're also trying to increase the amount your horse moves when stabled.

Designed to keep your horse occupied as they try to work out how to get to the food inside of it, the horse treat ball is a great stable boredom buster.

A versatile option that you can fill with vegetables, treats, or even your horse's usual hard feed, making it far more affordable in the long run than some of the other toys.

Available for £13.99 with FREE Delivery

Silvermoor Swingers

A nice alternative to the sweet treats available, the Silvermoor Swingers are low in sugar and low in starch. Instead they are made from natural ingredients and are designed to be hung from a height within the stable.

In my experience I've found these are gobbled up quite quickly but Beano loves them, so they are a nice occassional treat that still helps to keep him entertained for a few hours.

Described as helping to promote saliva product, which buffers stomach acids and helps to prevent horses from ulcers, the heavy weight of them means that as your horse tries to grab hold of it, it swings away and encourages your horse to work harder for their treat.

Available for £6.40 with FREE Delivery. You will also need to purchase the Silvermoor Swingers Rope Kit, which can be bought here for around £8.

Shires small holed haynet

Shires Small Greedy Feeder Net

Splitting your hay across several small holed haynets can help to slow your horse down when they’re eating, and keep them busier for longer.

Hanging them up in different areas across the stable will also stop them from standing in one spot for the entire day.

I personally use one of these haynets with 1 inch holes to keep Beano busier on the days that he is stabled.

Available here for £13.57 plus FREE Delivery.

Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing Horse Treat

Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing

Another of the Uncle Jimmy's products that I use to keep stable boredom at bay is the Licky Things.

I personally use my Likit hanger to hang them up in Beano's stable and I find they easily last around a week.

Like with the other hanging treats, they swing as he tries to grab them so they make him work harder for his treats and help to keep him occupied in his stable.

Available for £12.20 with FREE Delivery

Likit holder for equine boredom relief

Likit products

From their tongue twisters, to the boredom breaker and their signature Likit holder, Likit have a huge range of products that have all been designed to keep your horse from becoming bored while stabled.

Whichever product you go for, they've all been created to be hung up in the stable to keep your horse interested as they try to reach their tasty reward.

You can pick up one of the standard Likit holders for £14.57 here

7 boredom busting products for stabled horses
7 products to keep your horse entertained in the stable

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