The best fly repellent products for horses

Horse owners spend the whole of winter looking forward to the summer, to get away from the mud and cold nights, and then summer arrives and bam. We’re faced with the problem of keeping flies away from the horses instead.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally spent a fortune on fly products over the years. I’ve even tried homemade products. But this year I seem to have found a combination of products that work. Yes, you read that right, I’ve finally found some fly spray that actually works! And it isn’t just fly spray, read on to find out which fly repellent products I’ve been using on my horse this year.

What's the best fly repellent for my horse?

Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray

Full disclaimer, this product absolutely stinks BUT it’s the only fly spray I’ve found that really works, especially for horse flies! It’s a bit pricier than most fly sprays but it works, so I guess it’s a case of paying for what you get. And while I wrinkle up my nose when I use it, it doesn’t seem to bother Beano at all.

Shires Tempest Fly Combo Rug

I’ve always been a bit sceptical when it comes to fly rugs, and I always think it must be nicer for the horses to have a bit of air to their backs during the summer but after a particularly bad bout of flies, I decided it was time to give one a go. I ordered one from Shires (admittedly largely because of this adorable dandelion pattern) but it seems to have done the trick! I was a bit worried it would make Beano hot but it’s super lightweight and breathable, so he hasn’t been bothered at all. It claims to also offer 80% UV protection. I’ve found it to be fairly true to size for Beano and despite being super light, it doesn’t slip around on him… and added bonus, it seems to be doing the trick in keeping the flies away from him too!

Pony wearing a fly rug and fly mask in the UK

Lemongrass EqWax Equine Fly Repellent

In an attempt to make sure Beano was FULLY protected from the flies this year, I’ve also been using the EqWax Fly Repellent Wax on his face and it is incredible. Made from all natural plant-based ingredients, it comes in a 250ml tin and unlike sprays, it’s long lasting. Although it’s a little messy to apply, it has a sweet smell to it and is great for applying to the more sensitive areas such as around the eyes, ears and even the sheath. It’s a bit pricey at £12 a tin but I’ve been using mine for well over a month now and it looks like I’ve barely touched it!

Shires Fine Mesh Fly Mask with Ears

I've tried SO many different brands of fly masks for Beano over the years but this Shires one is the first one I've found that hasn't rubbed him and that he hasn't managed to get off! I did find it a little on the small size for Beano but as the velco straps are quite long I just did it up slightly looser that I would normally otherwise it presses on his eyes, but it's perfect for keeping the flies away from his eyes and out of his ears. The air stream fabric on the ears is a great design too as it means he doesn't come in with sweaty ears like he has done from fly masks in the past!


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The best fly repellent products for your horse
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