The benefits of owning house rabbits

There was once a time when rabbits were seen as pets that were kept solely outside, but times are definitely changing and the popularity of house rabbits is increasing.

I personally keep my two rabbits inside and, although it does come with its challenges, I wouldn't dream of not having them in the house anymore.

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4 benefits of having a house rabbit:

Close up of brown and white rabbit looking straight at the camera with a shocked look

You can keep a close eye on them

Rabbits can become poorly very quickly and, as prey animals, they're also very good at hiding their symptoms. When your rabbits live inside your house, you can keep a much closer eye on them and you're more likely to spot any signs of ill health quickly.

You get to know their characters better

When your rabbits live inside you're more likely to spend more time with them, purely because it's easier to do so! And that means you can get to know their individual characteristics. For example, my male rabbit, Tink, is a sassy little bun that wants everything done on his terms. Meanwhile my female, Bambi, is a cheeky character that loves to hop over for a cuddle each day and is always the first to investigate any new toys!

Two rabbits lie next to each other as one grooms the other

You spend more time with them

It is so much easier to want to spend time with your rabbits when they're inside, which is a win-win for all of you! When it's wet and cold outside, it's unlikely you're going to want to spend an entire evening outside giving your rabbits attention. When they're sprawled out on the sofa next to you though, you can spend an entire evening giving them a fuss while watching your favourite TV show at the same time!

They're a constant source of entertainment

My rabbits are forever making me laugh. If they didn't live in the house alongside me, I'd miss out on so many hilarious moments of watching them play, zoom and binky together. Not to mention all the little moments that I'd miss, like Tink cosying up infront of the TV whenever I put a Disney movie on, or Bambi hopping off across the room after she's successfully stolen a biscuit off the table without me noticing.

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4 benefits to keeping your rabbits inside
4 benefits to owning house rabbits

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