Autumn is calling

Well September came in with a bit of a bang didn’t it? Talk about a complete summit into cold temperatures! Beano is officially being rugged from now on, my tea intake has been drastically upped and I’ve had to desperately start searching for a winter coat!

Autumn walks with Jerry

I absolutely love Summer, it is 100% my favourite season however with that being said Autumn has its perks too. I will admit that I’ve done a lot of moaning about the drastic change in temperature this week but I have also been enjoying having a few cosy evenings in and there are plenty more things that (if I’m really honest) I am looking forward to this Autumn…

I’m looking forward to spending evenings in feeling cosy, snuggled beneath large duvets with candles dotted around the house while a cup of tea warms my insides. I’m looking forward to endless movie nights, to sitting by the fire, to thick knit jumpers making their way out from the back of the wardrobe, to the crunch of the fallen leaves beneath my wellies and to warm, hearty meals in the evenings. I’m looking forward to the thrill and fun of Halloween’s arrival and then soon after the ever increasing levels of excitement that build as Christmas edges that little bit closer each day! I’m looking forward to crisp early morning walks and to the sound of rain against the window when I’m safe inside with no need to venture out of my room. I’m looking forward to the changing colours of the outside world, to the fresh air smell that Autumn brings with it and to the endless firework displays that will no doubt light up the sky during the coming months.

And so while I really do love Summer, deep down I am just as happy for Autumn to be here as I was for Summer’s arrival a few months back and instead of moaning about the changes, I’m going to fully embrace the arrival of this wonderful season!

What about you? What are you most looking forward to in Autumn?

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