An Autumn Bucket List

I love Autumn – the colours, the crisp mornings, the gorgeous sunsets but it’s already starting to feel as though Winter is creeping its way in and I’m not quite ready for that. I have definitely not enjoyed just how fast the temperatures have begun to drop over the past few days but maybe I’m just feeling it more because I’ve only recently returned from blisteringly hot Bali… Either way, with Summer now feeling like a thing of the distant past and with Winter impatiently knocking on the door, I thought it was about time that I considered the things I want to squeeze in before the end of the season.

Personally, I find that there is something calming about Autumn. It comes after the busy Summer and just before the excitement sets in for Christmas. The days have started to draw in, long gone are those endless Summer days. But that’s ok because the short days bring with them their own sort of charm. They bring with them the lure of an evening spent cosied up in front of the fire, with a blanket thrown across my legs and the TV gently murmuring in the background.

Yet, at the same time I find there is a buzz in the air at this time of the year. Maybe it comes with the whole September return to school or maybe it’s something else entirely. Either way, I find myself plotting and planning for the future a lot during Autumn. And there is nothing better than a brisk Autumn walk, with the cold biting at your cheeks and the leaves falling down around you.

And so, as with every season, there are a number of routines that I like to complete in order to feel as though I’ve really made the most of this time of the year…

autumn collage

An Autumn Bucket List:

Eat more hearty, home made meals. Particularly Soups.
Start to read more in the evenings.
Start getting up a few minutes earlier so that I can really enjoy watching the sunrise break through the fog.
Apreciate the sound fallen leaves beneath my feet – because even as adults, nothing beats that, right?
Build a bonfire.
Buy some sprinklers.
Go for a walk in the local woods.
Carve my own pumpkin.
Play a game of conkers – because it isn’t just for schoolchildren!
Have an indoor picnic.
And, if I’m feeling brave, have an outdoors Autumn picnic.
Stew. Stew everything.
Dig out my slow cooker.
Watch a firework display.
Visit a stately home, English Heritage or National trust site.
Buy some new fairy lights and get decorating my house!

Do you have anything else to add?

An Autumn Bucket List Tales From The Country Blog


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