An Autumn bucket list: 25 things to do this Autumn

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn, I've put together some ideas and activities to inspire you to get out and do more this Autumn.

1. Go for a long walk in the woods before all of the leaves begin to fall.

2. Visit your local pumpkin patch.

3. Set aside an evening to carve your pumpkin ready for Halloween.

4. Gather together your friends for one final picnic before the weather turns.

5. Enjoy an evening under the stars, tucked up beneath the biggest blanket you own

6. Toast marshmallows over an open fire.

7. Watch a firework display.

8. Make yourself a huge, frothy hot chocolate.

9. Take yourself back from your childhood and collect some conkers next time you're on a walk.

10. Head to the farmer’s market and pick up some local, seasonal food.

Riding a horse during Autumn

11. Gather together some good books to read on cosy nights in. You could even visit the library for an extra dose of nostalgia.

12. Make homemade toffee apples, crumbles, pies and any other tasty treat you can think of. This is a time of the year that is made for baking comforting treats.

13. Book yourself onto a ghost tour. With Halloween coming there can be no better time or way to explore your local area at night than with a tour showcasing its spooky past!

14. Put your phone away and listen to the sounds of the leaves crunching beneath your feet next time you’re outside.

15. Get yourself a cosy spot by the fire at your local country pub.

16. Go for a bike ride and reward yourself with a hot flask of tea part way through.

17. Buy or make yourself some new candles.

18. Make a homemade soup (tomato soup is surprisingly easy to make from scratch).

19. Buy some houseplants so that you can still enjoy nature from the comfort and warmth of your own home.

20. Pull out your slow cooker from wherever you’ve stored it over summer and get planning some hearty meals.

Cosy Autumnal reading corner

21. Print out your photos from summer and spend an evening organising them into a scrapbook or photo album.

22. Get up early one morning to watch the sunrise, even better if the morning is foggy as you can watch the sun break through it.

23. If you’ve got a horse, get out for some long rides before the days draw in and the ground becomes boggy. Go for a good gallop and relish in feeling the cool air hitting you as you race along the bridleway.

24. Collect all of your cosy items into a basket or a box that you can keep in your living room. Pack some blankets, warm socks, a book or a magazine, and anything else cosy that you would like close to hand for those extra chilly evenings.

25. Plant some spring bulbs in the garden!

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An Autumn Bucket List: 25 Things to do this Autumn
An Autumn bucket list


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