A Slow Start to Saturday

Sleepy Saturday with Sadie

I’m currently sitting in the garden while Sadie snoozes next to me, I’ve got a cup of tea in my hand and while the birds tweet from the trees I’m just watching the slow, relaxed, rise and fall of her body as she breathes. It is only 9.30am but the sun is already beaming down on both of us, heating both of our bodies but Sadie seems to be just as content with that as I am due to her choosing to rest in the sunniest spot in the garden. I’ve already been to the stables to put my over-excited pony out in the field, where he will now equally be relishing in the start of Spring, with the sun resting gently on his own back as he peacefully grazes in the early morning light.

I have a day full of revision ahead of me, something that seems to be shaping all of my days at the moment but for now I am just sipping my tea and relishing in the blissful quiet that you can only really appreciate if you are up early on a weekend. The kind of quiet that is just filled with the sounds of the animals that are already up with you and the odd occasional movement of another human somewhere in the distance, but no one seems to be in a rush today and that is what I love most about waking early on the weekends. Long gone are the stresses of the working week, the rush hour traffic is a thing of the past and everyone is enjoying a schedule free life and for a couple of days everyone seems to be in high spirits. Of course, my lifestyle doesn’t quite fit into that bracket as once I’ve finished my tea my jam-packed day of revision will begin. I will rotate from reading books, to writing notes on them and back again, completing the cycle too many times to count as the day progresses. But for now, none of that fills my mind. Instead, I am able, for a rare moment in my busy life, to live right in the moment. To live as Sadie does beside me, with no worries of the past or the future and it is as if a layer of peace has washed over me.

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