A mother and pony day

Everyone loves a good old mother/child day. You either get to spoil someone rotten or get spoilt and everyone remains in a good mood all day because these kinds of days happen so rarely that you cannot help but enjoy them while they last. Well, this is what it feels like for me.
Anyway, the point is that Rocky and I had a mother & child day during the week. I had all sorts of plans with friends for the day but I ended up getting so wrapped up at the yard that I put them all off. It isn’t very often that I simply enjoy being at the yard without rushing around at some point, knowing full well that I have other things that need doing when I get home so it was really lovely to just amble around and embrace the day.
When I got to the yard Rocky was fast asleep next to Noz in the field and so I spent a few minutes just admiring the pair from a distance before creeping closer and relaxing with them for a while.
I had planned to go for a long ride, but after reaching a bridge that was completely surrounded by cows I chickened out and ended up heading home after being out for only twenty minutes. Far from being disheartened though, Rocky and I headed into the school, threw on a One Direction CD and practiced the dressage tests that the riding school children will be riding on Saturday. We were awful and there is definitely a reason that I jump rather than show Rocky but it was a good laugh. For me anyway, probably not so much for him as I kept getting it wrong and having to start over…

After we finished that and had sufficiently cooled down (this applies to both of us as I think we are both as unfit as each other), it was time for some silly games. I was trying to learn how to do full scissors but for some reason my brain was incapable of telling my legs to cross properly and I ended up getting all tangled up. It probably didn’t help that I couldn’t stop laughing at myself either. Needless to say, I need a LOT of practice. Rocky wasn’t at all bothered by my antics, in fact he actually fell asleep…
All in all I had the best, unplanned and relaxing day with Rocky and I LOVED every second of it. However as I’m sure that I probably enjoyed my day more than my pony did, I stole him a little pile of carrots from one of my friends in order to cheer him up at the end of the day. I think it worked.


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