A long wax jacket: The ideal coat for horse riders

Up until late last year, I had spent the past twelve winters dreading any day that it rained. Worse than the days when it is bitterly cold, riding a horse in the rain means slippy reins and (even worse) a pool of water at the base of your saddle that leaves you feeling as if you’ve wet yourself. If you know, you know.  

Previously my winters had been spent watching my fellow riders pull on their long wax coats at the first sign of rain and I had felt a pang of jealousy every time, knowing that they would return back to the stables with dry clothes whilst I would more than likely be soaked to my skin.

But even then, in my jealous state, I had no real idea what it was that I was missing out on. I didn’t actually get a full grasp of it until a long wax appeared in my life late last year. In all its second-hand glory, that coat has completely transformed my winter rides. Long gone are the chants of ‘fair weather rider’ because, equipped with what I’m now dubbing the coat of dreams, I can head out in the heaviest rain shower without fear.

Albeit a bit musty smelling and far from being an attractive looking coat (I must admit that I look akin to a middle-aged fisher) but, when I wear it, I am dry. And as any horse rider will know, what you wear while you’re riding during winter matters very little as long as you’re dry and warm. Sold by comfort above appearance, I parted with my money without a second thought when the opportunity to finally own a long wax presented itself to me.

And I haven’t looked back since.

What is so special about a long wax riding jacket?

A long wax jacket generally does what it says on the tin. It is a long coat made from waxed materials, which makes them waterproof.

Complete with waterproof rear vents that make them perfect for horse riding, as the vent can be placed over the back of your saddle to avoid a pool of water gathering behind your bum!

Not to mention that they are typically generously sized, which makes them perfect for wearing lots of layers underneath them.

Whether you're going horse riding, walking the dogs, or wanting to get out for some fresh air, a long wax jacket is a must for keeping your dry while you're outside during the (many) wet winter days we get in England!

Long wax horse riding coat

Get yourself a long wax coat for winter:

While I can't seem to find my exact riding jacket online, I've put together a few options that I've found that look like they would be equally as fantastic. (Please note: I haven't tried these coats myself, but the reviews for each one were impressive)

Rydale long wax jacket

The Rydale Knapton III ladies full length riding coat

Available in Navy Blue and Khaki Green.

Rydale do bring out some wonderfully nice, and high quality, clothes.

Their Knapton III long wax comes complete with a detachable hood, an internal pocket, rear riding vent and shoulder cape. This coat seems like the full deal if you ask me.

lighthouse outback fern long wax jacket

Lighthouse Outback Full Length Ladies Waterproof Raincoat

Perhaps the most stylish of the three coats here (and definitely far better looking than my tatty old one), the Lighthouse long wax boasts a huge number of five star reviews.

With adjustable leg straps to keep it in place while you're riding and a shoulder cape, it's easy to see that it has been designed not just with style in mind but also with practicalities.

champion country estate jacket

Champion Country Estate Womens Rain Sandringham Riding Coat*

*This is an affiliate link. This means I receive a small commission for purchases made through these links, at no added cost to you.*

Available in three colours; plum, black and brown, it's ideal for the country-loving lady.

Not only are the colour choices fab, this long riding jacket also has a concealed and detachable hood, a rear riding vent, two pockets and adjustable cuffs.

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The ideal winter coat for horse riders
A long wax jacket: the ideal winter coat for horse riders

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