The Joys of the Snow day…

Snow day

Little white flakes falling from the sky, screams of children, balls of ice flying through the air, rifts of snow up against the walls; most people would describe this as being the best day of the year…

I on the other hand, do not share this mindset. I will admit that while the snow is still falling, when the snow on the ground still appears crisp, while it is possible to have snow ball fights, build snowmen and draw out snow angels with your own body without the risk of ice or sludge being involved I love the snow as much as everyone else. But once that moment has passed and all your left with is cold extremities and the risk of slipping on the hidden ice beneath that beautiful layer of snow and then ending up in a puddle of vile slush as it all begins to melt away all too slowly I begin to despise it.

In my defence I think that this is partly due to my owning a horse, a gorgeous 14hh Registered New Forest named Rocky at that, but I do try not to put him solely to blame; especially as most of my snow hatred stems from how unbelievably clumsy I am even when there isn’t a weather system in place to heighten that.

But with that having been said, owning a horse during the snow is only a slight moment of fun and Rocky and I exhausted that moment yesterday. Fun and games aside, photographs in the white mess outside our windows out of the way, both of us are now fully looking forward to waking up sometime soon to a clear path so we can both go out a bit happier. Rocky already greeted me today with a frantic look in his eyes due to the fact that he has spent the day within the confines of his stable and unable to ride I trudged off home with a begrudged look in my own eyes after completing the necessary jobs and unable to do any more.

So here is to looking forward to sunnier days… I hope you’re enjoying the snowy weather a tad (a lot) more than I am!

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