The 6 apps that every horse rider needs on their phone

For many of us, horse riding is an escape from our phones. And rightly so. That said, however, there are a few apps that will make your life as an equestrian easier, and in some cases safer too.

From tracking your progress with your horse, to monitoring the sugar levels in the grass, sharing your location with select people, and storing all of your horse's health information in one place, there are so many useful apps for horse riders.

Here are the 6 best apps for horse riders:

View between an appaloosa horse ears


This is one app that you've probably already heard of, but there's a good reason for that.

An amazing app whether you're a happy hacker, or you're wanting to track your schooling sessions, Equilab can help you to track your progress with your horse and helps you to record your gait, time, and distance. It's full of amazing features, including the ability to share your location with friends or family so they know when you arrive back at the yard safely.

OS Maps

While it's not a solely equestrian focused app, OS Maps is a fantastic app to help you find local bridleways and to help you plan your routes before you head off. Great for happy hackers looking to explore new areas, and for endurance riders heading off on a long distance ride.

What3Words App on the phone


This might seem like an odd app to recommend to equestrians, but all horse riders will know just how much their horse can pick up on the emotional state of their rider. Calm is a great app for helping you to relieve stress and to get you practicing mindfulness, which can make the world of difference to your mind when you're in the saddle.

Stable Secretary:

Stable Secretary does what it says on the tin. A fantastic app that allows you to record information about your horse and make it easier to organise information about their health care. A hugely useful app for horse owners, but one that would also be incredibly useful for yard owners that are looking for an easy way to keep track of liveries and their horses.


This fantastic app will help to make hacking in rural areas safer for horse riders. The app splits the world into a grid, with every 3m square given a unique combination of three words. This clever app will be hugely useful for horse riders needing to communicate exact locations in the event of an emergency, especially if you find yourself in a remote region and you're not sure how to describe where you are. Added bonus is that the app works offline and can be used anywhere in the world.


This app was specifically created with horse owners in mind. Made to provide a practical tool that horse owners can use to monitor when the grass poses an increased risk to horses prone with laminitis. It works by analysing local weather conditions, in order to predict the sugar levels in the grass.

The app currently works in the UK, Ireland, France and Belgium.


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6 apps that every horse rider needs on their phone
The 6 best apps for horse riders

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