5 tips for surviving Christmas with a house rabbit

Anyone who owns a house rabbit will know just how difficult it can be at times to keep your belongings safely out of harms way. While rabbits look cute (and are very cute), they will stop at nothing to get to something that they’ve just been told they’re not allowed. So Christmas can pose a tricky time for a lot of house rabbit owners.

But as I’m coming up to my third Christmas with a house rabbit, I thought I would share some tips on how to survive the festive season.

5 simple tips for surviving Christmas with a house rabbit:

1. Allow your rabbit near the Christmas tree

First things first, the Christmas tree. Personally, I have very stubborn rabbits who find ‘no’ as a challenge.

So, instead of branding the tree as off limits, which will only make it more tempting, I place a number of wood logs at the base. This not only stops it from toppling over when the rabbits first come to investigate, it also means that they can happily chew the logs instead of the branches or the decorations. As this activity is allowed, it’s not long before they lose interest altogether and leave the tree alone entirely.

2. Protect your Christmas tree

Alternatively, if you’d rather not risk your rabbit getting too close to the tree you can purchase a tree skirt, or a small barrier fence that can be placed around the outside. Just be warned, some rabbits might just hop on over.

3. Keep the chocolates out of reach

As with most animals, Christmas can be a tempting time for rabbits too. With so many decorations, snacks, and presents lying around, it’s only a matter of time before they try their luck. Be sure to keep anything, like chocolate, way out of reach from your rabbit.

Rabbit with Christmas advent calendar

4. Avoid having too many lights

All rabbit owners are well aware that no matter how hard you try to rabbit proof your home, there will come a time when your pet gets hold of some kind of wire. More often than not a phone charger. At Christmas, with decorations popping up all over the house, it’s probably best to save yourself a lot of stress and avoid putting too many decorations up that need plugging in somewhere. Your rabbit will be tempted by them and you’ll spend most of the festive season chasing them away from the plug sockets.

I still have lights on my Christmas tree, but opt for battery powered fairy lights* (and I don’t put them on the very bottom branches), so you could do the same.

5. Provide distractions

It’s best to stock up on extra toys and enrichment items during the festive season, the more distractions you can provide your rabbit with, the less likely they are to dismantle your Christmas tree.

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A quick guide to surviving Christmas with a house rabbit
5 tips for surviving Christmas with a house rabbit

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