Dinner at Seasons Restaurant, Woughton House

What better way to kick-start a week than by going for a three course meal on a Monday evening? My friend Emma and I did just that when we were invited to review a three course meal at Seasons Restaurant in Milton Keynes. And while the meal put the rest of my dinners to shame last week, it was well worth it.

(This post is in collaboration with Book-A-Table, but all thoughts, opinions and mouth-watering descriptions of the food are my own.)

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Seasons Restaurant, Woughton House

Seasons Restaurant is located inside of the Woughton House Hotel in Milton Keynes and, as a countryside blogger, I fully appreciated its setting. Situated in Woughton-on-the-Green, Seasons Hotel is surrounded by fields and has its own beautiful garden, complete with an archway of roses and a tree-swing. Put simply, Seasons Restaurant is as gorgeous on the outside as it is on the inside.

And while the restaurant, which is a part of the hotel, provided me with a somewhat more upper-market dining experience than I am typically used to, the decor was not lost on me at all. With wonderful murals on the walls and quaint lighting, the interior combined with the exterior to set the mood brilliantly.

Plus, as the restaurant was reasonably quiet (it was a Monday night after-all), Emma and I had the added luxury of having an entire room to ourselves for a majority of our meal which really made the night!

Tales From The Country Seasons Restaurant


I’m happy to admit that Emma and I, being a student and a recent graduate, could not have afforded to have a three course meal outright at the restaurant and so, as a way of allowing ourselves to still enjoy a more exciting dining experience than we are used to, we booked our table through the website Book-A-Table. The website has a whole range of offers for hundreds of restaurants across the country, with Seasons Restaurant being one of two restaurants in Milton Keynes. Booking in this way meant that Emma and I were able to get a three course meal which was complemented by free-flowing champagne for just £35 each and considering that each of our meals would have totaled over £50 without the offer, it is a pretty incredible deal! And booking couldn’t have been any easier, we simply had to select the restaurant, decide on a time to book and click confirm.

The Food

With a range of unique dishes on the menu it took Emma and I a while to decide on what we were going to go for. But I definitely don’t think that is a bad complaint to have!

Tales From The Country Seasons Restaurant Starter

Tales From The Country Duck Starter Seasons Restaurant

After a few serious minutes of browsing, Emma opted for the Wood Pigeon to start, which was definitely not a starter that either of us had come across before so we were both a bit dubious towards it. Until it arrived anyway. Topped with baby artichoke, young carrots and walnut, it looked divine and tasted even better. The pigeon was far meatier than we had been expecting it to be and yet, despite being quite substantial, the meat was far from tough.

I’m a big fan of Duck and so when I saw the Smoked Barbary Duck on the menu it was an obvious choice for me. The Duck came with cherries, pistachio and brioche and despite the flavours differing they all really complemented one another. Initially I had felt that the cherries were an odd choice but they gave it a burst of flavour that I had not been expecting!

Tales From The Country Seasons Restaurant Venison

For our mains both Emma and I chose the Woburn Estate Venison Loin which came with King Edward potato, turnips, sprouting broccoli and summer truffles. The only part I wasn’t keen on was the summer truffles but Emma loved them and the rest of the meal was just as delicious (if not more) than the starters! Considering the portion sizes were reasonably small, although typical of a restaurant of the Woughton House standards, there was a good amount of meat on our plates and we still found ourselves feeling full after finishing our plates! And, as someone who is neither keen on broccoli or mash, I found the broccoli added a lovely crunch to the meal while the potato was so unbelievably creamy that I found myself wishing there was more!

Tales From The Country Seasons Restaurant Banana Parfait

To finish we both went for the Banana Parfait. The banana kept the salted caramel sauce from being too sickly and paired with sponge soil, the Banana Parfait was the perfect dish to end our three course meal on.

Tales From The Country Seasons Restaurant Book a Table Garden

Final Thoughts?

The menu at Seasons Hotel is admittedly out of my normal budget but with the Book-a-Table discount it was definitely affordable, even on my small income! The food was also divine and despite the small portion sizes I came out feeling unbelievably, yet not uncomfortably, full! And the free-flowing champagne cannot go without a mention either as it went down a little bit too easily, it was so sweet and bubbly that it was actually easy to forget that it was alcohol so it was a good thing that neither of us were driving home afterwards!

To view the offer and book a table visit Book a Table.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BookATable through their partnership with Considerable Influence. While I was compensated to write a post about my recent trip to Seasons Restaurant, all opinions are my own
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