winter walks in the countryside

Last Friday I returned home as it marked the beginning of my reading week at uni (or enhancement week as we have to call it at Reading uni because some people get confused. Reading/reading.) I should probably apologise in advance for the rather photo-heavy post that this has become, but I thought that it would be nice to share a few photos from my trip back home…

winter walks in the countryside
Beano in the fog
beano in the fog
I’ve had 9 and a half blissful days without any timetabled seminars, lectures or assignments to complete. I mean, technically we are meant to stay and attend the events that they put on during the week, and y’know actually get some reading done, but who is going to do that when the lure of heating, food, evenings in with family, nights out with friends and your cats and pony are all waiting for you back at home? Not me – that is for sure!

autumn winter leaves
Halloween with Beano
Ball in bucket

As always the nine days that I have spent at home have flown by far too fast. I’ve been going flat out since arriving back in Milton Keynes and I don’t actually think I’ve stopped laughing at all! This week has been one big blur of fun and I seem to have been sucked into a whirlwind of Halloween celebrations, movie nights, cinema trips, long pony rides, shopping trips, days and evenings spent being spoilt by my family, eating as much food as is humanly possible (maybe even more than that), walks in the countryside, jumping into big piles of fallen leaves (because it is impossible not to resist the urge at this time of the year) and a little (probably not enough) bit of work in between all of that.

walking at home
gymkhana with Beano
ponies in gymkhana

Needless to say I’ve had a wonderful time and heading back to uni today is hitting me pretty hard already but I can’t complain too much seeing as I already have my next visit back home set for next Thursday, in preparation for a trip to Your Horse Live in Warwickshire over the weekend…

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