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A Casual Canal Cruise

I’m currently curled up in my living room underneath a blanket, drawing the warmth from my cup of tea and dreaming about the summer days that we were only enjoying a few days ago. Typically the British weather has let us all down, as it does nearly every year, and the sunny days feel like they are long gone. Riding in the pouring rain this morning was not hugely enjoyable and trudging my way back from the stables in my soaking clothes after riding was definitely not how I wanted to be spending my Sunday off in JULY! But alas, instead of sitting around dwelling on it, I thought that I would look back on the bright, boiling, true Summer days that we were all sweltering in a few weeks ago.

While my family from Australia were over in the UK on holiday, we all paid to hire a canal boat for my nan’s birthday. Admittedly I really didn’t think that it was going to be all that interesting but it did turn out to be quite a good day and as with anything to do with my family the day was full of the girls trying to tan, while the men tried (and failed) to act as though they knew how to drive a canal boat, it was full of laughter and jokes and on this occasion it was also full of many, many people nearly falling off the edge of the boat as we disobeyed the rules to stay firmly inside… That being said though, we all made it back perfectly fine after having had a brilliant day, with several stop-offs at pubs along our way and a nice little picnic during which we were joined by some rather brave swans.

As the weather was much nicer than it is today, this is the outfit that I opted to wear for the canal cruise. It isn’t anything special as I was only lazing around on top of a boat for the day but the dress was nice and cool, which was ideal as it was about 30 degrees that day but the off-the-shoulder look (which I’m loving at the moment) gave it that little something else that meant my chilled outfit didn’t look quite so boring! We were doing a bit of walking and as I was going to be wearing my shoes all day I chose not to break in my new sandals and instead went for my comfy cheap converse style shoes which in hindsight was definitely a good choice!

I hope you’re all having a lovely, cosy Sunday spent inside on this wet and horrible day – I hope you all think of me when I have to head back out into the rain in an hour to feed Beano!

A chilled Primark dress outfit post
Canal Cruise Outfit Close Up
Swans by the canal boat
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