Goodbye Balboa

I’ve always been told that your first pony will be your favourite pony forever. I’ve also always been told that you shouldn’t have a favourite. I don’t think either of these statements are true. Willow will always hold a special place in my heart, as she was my first pony, she taught me a lot about sitting up and staying on, she was loyal and I loved her but I don’t think she is my favourite pony. I guess it is difficult to pick a ‘favourite’ because they are all so different but I think if I had to, I’d have to pick Rocky.

Rocky is the pony that if I’d gone to try him for myself, I never would have brought him home. The first time I rode him, he reared, bucked, leapt around, darted out in front of the cars and was, to put it completely bluntly, downright dangerous. Not to mention so overweight it was untrue and it was really quite difficult to believe that he could move in the way that he did at all. But for some strange reason Trude bought him and for some even stranger reason she decided that I was capable of having him on loan from her and while neither decision made any sense at all, I couldn’t be more grateful.

This post has been written in between tears because I never thought I’d have to write this at all but today was my last day with Rocky. I’m going to uni tomorrow and this weekend his new sharer will start to look after him. 

Rocky has taught me so much over the past three years, mainly to sit up and ride on, he has in his own strange and crazy way boosted my confidence so much and I really couldn’t have asked for a better pony. Three years ago I wouldn’t have been saying that at all, but I’m so glad that I was stubborn enough to stick with him because this year in particular has been amazing. 
This pony is amazing and it really is as simple as that. He has taken me from jumping a pole on the floor to jumping some fairly hefty courses, a standalone 3’3″ jump, we have gone cross country jumping, we have done sponsored rides, he has given my brother his first pony ride, he has taken my mum out on a hack, he comes home for biscuits and apples from my grandma and in general has become a real part of the family, we have gone from not being able to go out riding without him leaping me off, to going out in massive groups and Rocky being the ‘sensible influence’ and every step of the way I’ve just learned to love that pony more and more. 
I cannot even put into words how much Rocky means to me and giving him up is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. For the past week I’ve had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes every time I’ve thought about this crazy, lazy, stubborn, fat little bugger of a pony that I’ve been lucky enough to call my own since the 24th September 2011. 
Thank you Rocky for being amazing. Thank you Trude for letting me loan him. And Niamh, I hope you have even half as much fun with Rocky as I have had these past three years, you’ve got yourself a cracking pony. 

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