Goodbye, my pony of a lifetime.

Today the world lost a beautiful, sweet little mare. She may not have been mine any more, but Willow was my first pony, a huge part of my life for two years and she shall forever remain one of my favourite ponies by miles and miles. I feel lucky to have had the chance to have had such a wonderful companion. She was naughty, I spent a majority of our first year on the floor, she was moody, she did what she wanted, when she wanted and in general she was a typical mare but I wouldn’t have changed her for the world.

She gave me two brilliant years, I will forever be grateful for that and I like to think that in return I gave her a good two years as well.

 I am comforted knowing that this was her time to go, I read a quote the other day saying that “To place a horse’s need for you to let her leave her failing body above your need to keep her with you – that – is the greatest and purest love.” I couldn’t have put it any better, Willow was an old lady and it was only fair to let her go gracefully, so for that I thank her owner. I also thank her for letting Willow live her last few years in the field with her herd, I thank her for bringing Willow back to our yard, to her home, and I thank her for loving Willow.

Of course none of this makes it any easier, I still cried as I hugged and said my goodbyes to my pony of a lifetime but I know deep in my heart that putting Willow to sleep today was the best thing anyone could have done for her. I can safely say that Willow is definitely a horse that has left hoof prints on my heart and I am glad that I had the opportunity to say goodbye to her properly over the weekend.

Sleep tight Willow.


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