13 horse Instagram accounts you should be following

It should come as no surprise that, as a horse owner myself, my Instagram feed is full to the brim with a range of wonderful equestrian accounts. From eventers to happy hackers, and everyone in between, here are the 13 equestrian Instagram accounts that I think everyone should be following.

13 horsey accounts for you to follow:

Horse Balance Instagram Photo of Norah and her three horses

Horse Balance

Based in Sweden, Norah Kohle’s Instagram account, Horse Balance, is one that every horse lover will find themselves enchanted by. Not only are her herd of grey horses simply stunning, but so is her photography and editing skills. You can visibly see the bond between Norah and her horses and it really is something special to watch.

Equiially Instagram


Ally Wilson’s Instagram account, Equiially, is fantastic for so many reasons. Firstly, the photography is stunning but I also love that Ally shares the ups and the downs that come with riding horses, plus she has THE most gorgeous foal too!

Olivia Towers with her horse

Olivia Towers

I am sure that a lot of you will have heard of Olivia Towers already but her account was one of the first I added to this list. She is a Grand Prix Dressage rider but the reason I follow her account is because of how honest she is about her journey as a horse rider,

The Blonde and the Bay

I think that Maddie’s photos speak for themselves really but her journey is also one that is wonderful to follow. Maddie has gone from FEI level dressage and she now shares her life with her horses on the ranch on her Instagram account, The Blonde and the Bay.

Gracie Tyte from Pony Nuts with her four horses

Pony Nuts

Pony_nuts is an account that I’m sure lots of you will already be following but if not, head on over! Run by young event rider Gracie Tyte, it’s an equestrian Instagram account that I love for the way that it feels relatable at the same time as it feels inspiring.

Trot back in time Instagram

Trot back in time

This is an account that I recently discovered but it’s one that definitely deserves a spot in this list. Trot Back in Time digs deep into the equestrian archives and shares some fantastic photos of our four-legged friends in the past.

Eyes Up Darling Instagram

Eyes Up Darling

Eyes Up Darling is run by Kait Wilson and features her horse Lexington. Her photos really speak for themselves as they are beautiful and they definitely always leave me inspired to capture some equally as lovely photos of myself and Beano.

Between Two Ears Instagram

Between Two Ears

Every horse rider will know that there is no better view than that of the one that you see between your horse’s ears. Which is why equestrian Instagram account, Between Two Ears is dedicated to sharing the beautiful views that Alex sees between her horse, Ben’s ears. It’s an account that feels wonderfully relatable as a rider and some of the views that it shares are breathtaking.

Chetak Horses Instagram

Chetak Horses

Chetak Horses is an all-round amazing Instagram account run by the wonderful Anu. Showcasing her life as a dressage rider in the US and featuring both her horses and her dog, it's definitely an account that you want to be following.

Girl About The Yard Instagram

Girl About the Yard

No equestrian Instagram recommendation list would be complete without a mention of Girl About the Yard. Run by Verena, it’s an account that constantly brightens my day. While Verena’s feed is wonderful, it is her stories that really steal the show – light hearted and hilarious, they are always a delight to watch.

Gee gee and me Instagram

Gee Gee and Me

Gee Gee and Me is run by Leicestershire based Equestrian Lifestyle Blogger, Jessica. Starring her gorgeous Connemara ponies, the account is realistic and relatable, and features some great reviews for other horse owners.

Equestrian Noire Instagram

Equestrian Noire

Equestrian Noire is a completely different style of equestrian Instagram account, but that is why I love it. With a styled equestrian fashion theme, the feed provides a constant supply of insanely beautiful photographs.

Tales from the Country Instagram

Tales from the Country

Yes. A little shameless plug here but if you would like to follow along with my adventures with my 13.2hh dun pony, Beano, then please give us a follow over on Instagram at Tales from the Country. I share the ups and the downs (as there are plenty of both) of life with Beano and, although I am biased, I think he’s definitely a cutie worth following.

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13 Equestrian Instagram accounts for you to follow
13 horse Instagram accounts for you to follow

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